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Public Records Office Victoria

Assessment tool

The Recordkeeping Assessment Tool (RKAT) is a platform that enables Victorian public offices to assess their practices against the PROV Standards and progressively improve.

Understanding that the sheer amount of material in this process could be overwhelming, a thoughtful user experience was curated. The elegant user journey staggers information and transforms the dull topic into something visually engaging.

Multiple users are able to complete, save and re-visit department assessments with a clear vision of their progress. Practical questionnaires collect the information needed to output a complete report while giving organisations the ability to add further information for their records.

Generated results

The user journey can be tailored to assess different aspects or areas of an organisation, against the six PROV Standards. When an assessment is complete and submitted, a report of the results is generated. The visually stunning reports enable benchmarking and identify areas for improvement within the organisation’s recordkeeping practices. Clear result summaries and content hierarchy makes cross-checking reports with previous assessments easy.

RKAT pdf report